WHat you can do to stay

spiritually healthy

What you can do

Personal Prayer, Bible Study, and Devotionals

  • In this new schedule, create a regular time for prayer and to read God's Word. 
  • Schedule a time to meditate upon the Word of God during this time and prepare your mind to give an answer to others in need.  Philippians 4:6-7 teaches us to handle our anxieties with thanksgiving, prayer, and trusting God.

Stay Connected with Your Lifegroups

  • Stay connected with your small group via email, text, social media, zoom, and phone calls.
  • Expect a phone call (not text or social media) from your lifegroup leader or one of our deacons during this time.
  • Join the DIGG (Delight In God's Grace) Lifegroup through Go To Meeting as they meet online each Sunday morning from 9:15 A.M. - 10:30 A.M.  To gain access, simply contact Ernest Hopkins here.

Lead Your Family Spiritually

  • Schedule a regular time for your family to eat dinner together.  Use this time to connect with one another as a time of fellowship.  Ask each other questions and be prepared to listen.  This may be a great time to re-establish some time missed and some relationships distant.
  • Hold a night time devotional for the whole family - even with teenagers.  Pick out a topic ahead of time and ask each one's opinion.  Compare those to what God's Word says on the matter and create a time to align our views to His.  Give out rewards for participation and complement a plenty!
  • Host a time to build up one another.  Choose a time before the whole family to give three complements to one another.  Speak truthfully as flattery will get you nowhere and don't forget to connect it to Scripture.
  • Morning prayer is a great time to include the whole family before kids and students begin school work at home.  Pray for certain community members who may be elderly or sick during this health crisis and don't forget to mention those sick from the virus.  
  • Parents can utilize the HEAR-PRAY-TALK-LIVE model if you like at home with your children/students.
  • HEAR - What is God's Word telling us?  PRAY - How can we talk to God about it?  TALK - What do you think about the subject?  LIVE - How have each of us been doing in applying these topics in our lives? 

Time to Serve Your Community

  • Check on those in your neighborhood who may need help during this time, especially the elderly and those who are sick.  BE THE CHURCH.   One idea is to connect with your neighbors through the app: Nextdoor: Local Neighborhood.
  • Share the link for our services with those who may be without any worship service options on Sundays.

Don't Forget to Stay Healthy & Active

  • It's important to fight off any anxiety and depression by staying active.  This means exercise! Plan occasions for your family to enjoy some outside time and make it a time of praise to our Lord.
  • It's very important to set aside time each day to shut down screens and devices.  Play a board game instead or whatever!
  • Limit time on social media.  It's not healthy to absorb so much "grim" time.  Apply balance to those constant news sites.
  • Eat as well as you can.  Junk food creates couch potatoes who feel sluggish.  This also affects your spiritual life, so plan to eat with a balanced menu and schedule.