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  • may 16

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what to expect:

Things are looking different these days. 

Here are some changes you can expect.

  • children's Ministry

    Children's service (Kid Central) is available during our worship service at 10:00 am for children  3 years old though 5th grades. There are also kid groups during our life group hour after service at 11:15 am. Masks required.

  • Service length

    Service will start at 10:00 AM. We want to be conscious that children of all ages will be in the worship service with us during this time. For this reason the worship service will be no more than 1 hour long. 

  • Sermon notes

    Click these links for printable sermon notes for your elementary and middle school children.

  • masks required

    In order to comply with local health authorities and to help protect our most vulnerable members and visitors we do require the use of masks/face coverings while you are in the building.

returning to church


7 Guidelines for Returning to church during covid-19:


1. Be friendly. Smile-- even though you are wearing a mask.


2. Please allow for social distancing (6 feet) when entering and exiting the building.


3. Friendly waves are great. While you may want a closer greeting, others may not be comfortable with that. So, please avoid hand shaking, hugs, and any physical greetings.


4. Family units must sit together, including children and teens. A minimum of three chairs should be between your family and anyone who does not reside in your household.


5. Children should be kept with parents at all times. Use leashes if necessary! If your child needs to go to the restroom, a parent or guardian should accompany that child.


6. We continue to encourage offerings being mailed or given online, and no offering plates will be passed. Collection boxes are available for those who have brought offerings to the service.


7. After the service, please remain seated. Ushers will dismiss by rows to avoid too many people trying to get through doors all at once.




*If you are dealing with seasonal allergies and coughing and sneezing a lot, please stay home. Nobody else knows what your situation is and constant coughing will make people nervous.


* Follow the same guidelines the government is suggesting-- if you are sick, running fever or not feeling well—stay home and watch online.


* Bring hand sanitizer. We are doing our best to provide it, but if you have some, bring it for your family to use.